Hypnotherapy treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder {BPD}

Many people suffer from borderline personality disorder (BPD) in Birmingham and is a disorder of instability and problems with emotions.

People who suffer from BPD often suffer from other issues and complications such as anxiety disorder, depression, self-injury, repeated job changes, and more. Fortunately, hypnotherapy treatment for BPD in Edgbaston, Birmingham has proven highly successful for many people , effecting change at the deep emotional level and allowing clients to regain control and to lead a healthy and successful life.

What is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)?
Borderline personality disorder is a type of mental health disorder which prevents people from managing or processing their emotions normally. As a result, it changes how you think and feel about everybody including yourself. BPD is often associated with a sense of instability and insecurity which escalates into self-image issues and causes behavioural changes

People with borderline personality disorder experience frequent and sudden mood swings resulting from a fear of abandonment or instability. Inappropriate anger and impulsivity prevents them from maintaining healthy relationships with their family, friends, and loved ones.

Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
The symptoms of BPD can look a little different for every client. However, there are a few common signs that indicate a person is suffering from a borderline personality disorder. These are listed below:

  • Distorted and unstable self-image
  • Suicidal thoughts or tendencies
  • Intense fear of abandonment
  • Sudden bursts of intense and inappropriate anger
  • Impulsive behaviour including binge-eating or drinking, unsafe sexual intercourse, reckless spending spree, addictive behaviour and more.
  • Ongoing feeling of emptiness
  • Feeling disassociated from your body
  • Unstable relationship patterns with friends and family members

The causes of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
There are several factors that can cause somebody to suffer from a borderline personality disorder although the exact cause is unknown. The most likely causes include genetics, changes in brain structure, and environmental factors.

Thus, you are at a higher risk of developing BPD if you have a family member with BPD or if you had a stressful childhood.

How to diagnose  Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)?
Diagnosing BPD is not easy and a primary care doctor cannot diagnose borderline personality disorder since they lack the necessary experience. Generally, it is recommended that you consult a reputed psychologist, psychiatrist, or clinical social worker to help you diagnose whether you are suffering from BPD.

They will ask you about your and your family’s history of mental and medical health issues. You will also have to go through an interview where you will have to inform them about your symptoms, your mental and medical health, and more.

What are the treatment options for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)?
The treatment options for borderline personality disorder include psychotherapy options such as dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), Hypnotherapy , cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), schema-focused therapy,  medication and hospitalization in extreme cases.

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